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Markle House

Photo of Markle House
Mile Mark: 11.00
Elevation: 630'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: EBT 91

Originally this building was the Markle House Motel, owned by the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company. It may have been intended as housing for furnace workers. As part of financial maneuvering about 1909, it was sold to the East Broad Top and became the residence of the EBT president. It was the first home to have electrical service, courtesy of the EBT shops generator.

The building, much remodelled and added on to, is now the local American Legion post

According to a report in the Harrisburg Telegraph, April 24, 1926:
Mt. Union, April 24-The property in Rockhill, known as the Markle House, owned by the East Broad Top Railroad Company occupied by F. M. Butler, superintendent for the company was destroyed by fire to the extent of $15,000. The fire originated from an overheated flue leading from the furnace.

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