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Mount Union Boney Dump

Mile Mark: 0.70
Elevation: 580'
Date Built: 1925-56

The unusable component of mine coal is called boney. It is coal laced with rock and other non combustible matter and is separated from processed coal at the Coal Cleaning Plant. The unusable boney was dumped here and piled up for 40 years into long, high piles. A short spur provided access for the air powered side dump cars and hoppers used to remove boney from the plant. Occasionally standard gauge hoppers were stored on the spur as well.

The boney, having no practical use, has laid in place. Large amounts of it have been moved into even higher stacks to make way for the new US 522 bypass around Mount Union. Much more was hauled away and incinerated for a fee. The boney dump track has been removed to make way for the bypass, though it appears the switch to the track had already been removed and replaced with regular rail. This was likely done after the end of operations while switching was still taking place through the yard to the NARCo plant. EBT flatcar 116, which rode on standard gauge trucks, was reportedly on the boney track when construction of the bypass began and has not been seen since.

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