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522 Grade Crossing

Photo of 522 Grade Crossing Photo of 522 Grade Crossing
Mile Mark: 0.80
Elevation: 575'
Date Built: 1998

This new grade crossing was completed October 30 1998 as part of the New US 522 Bypass.

The crossing features 132 lb. (per yard) rail coupled to the EBT's 100 lb mainline rail. The ties in the crossing lie on a slab of concrete. Concrete was then poured around the track leaving only the flangeways clear. Currently the crossing is protected only by signpost style crossbucks. Plans for the crossing include automatic signalling, so it may one day be unique in North America as the only automatic dual gauge grade crossing (on a federal route no less).

The Mount Union Connecting Railroad is clearing and rehabilitating the main through here and will be operating over the crossing. During the intervining winters the flangeways have filled with gravel, but the crossing remains in excellent condition. MTC runs their hi-rail truck south to this point so far.

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