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Rockhill Furnace Bridge

Photo of Rockhill Furnace Bridge Photo of Rockhill Furnace Bridge
Mile Mark: 10.60
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: 1900
Published Photos: EBT 53, 105, 188

This is the site of the original 1873 bridge #6, known as Black Log (after Blacklog Creek.) The bridge at this location, most likely wood at the time, was washed downstream and had one abutment washed out by the 1889 flood waters. It is unclear whether it was returned to its site or replaced. In any event it was replaced by a skewed Pratt Truss iron bridge late in 1889. The bridge was renumbered to #5 by 1917.

The current skewed through steel plate girder bridge was built in 1900. Its two spans of 45' each cross Blacklog Creek and marks the boundary between Orbisonia and Rockhill Furnace. It replaced the skewed through Pratt truss bridge. The bridge is similar in design to Kyler's Bridge. The bridge rests on a 1900 concrete pier and two concrete reinforced stone abutments likely dating from 1889.

The bridge is easily accessible by walking north from the Meadow Street crossing in Rockhill Furnace. It is maintained and operated. DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE during operations.

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