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Coles Valley Branch Split

Mile Mark: unknown
Elevation: unknown
Date Built: 1919-1937

When a new tipple was built at Joller, a new, lower grade alignment was built, diverged from the old one at this point. The two coexisted, with the lower superseding the upper. Later, when both tipples burned, a new one was built on the upper line and the lower one was abandoned. As a result the upper grade is much more intact.

The lower line went straight through the present highway location and around the north end of the hill. It passes through a 30' deep curved cut just below the hairpin turn then across a long 20' high reverse curve fill to access the tipple. The line proceeds another 100' for switching purposes.

The upper line turned about 5 degrees west about 200' before the lower road crossing. It passed through a 20' deep curved cut just short of the road hairpin turn. It then crossed the road on the other side of the ridge from the previous grade, and crossed a 30' high, shorter reverse curve fill to reach the tipple. The upper grade was steeper than the lower and was apparently regraded slightly so as to cover the lower one at the point of divergence.

Changes in the road grade have obliterated the crossing of the lower grade, though the lower grade can be seen entering the road grade. A stone retaining wall along the lower grade marks the spot where the grade disappears about 5' below the road grade on the south side. This is only about 200' from the hairpin turn. About 300' further North, the grade can be seen leaving the road from about 10' above it. This can only be clearly seen from the upper grade and is at about the point of the first white reflector from the hairpin turn.

The crossing of the upper line on the opposite side of the peak is clear. The cut is easily viewable from the road and the grade can be seen on the opposite side, immediately entering the fill.

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