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RI&C Company Post Office

Photo of RI&C Company Post Office Photo of RI&C Company Post Office
Mile Mark: 29.80
Elevation: 1770'
Date Built: ca. 1916
Published Photos: AEBT 75, 80

This building is built of cast stone and is similar in construction to the Robertsdale Station, the RI&C Offices and the Mount Union Enginehouse. It had its own 30', 2' gauge registered rail line between it and the EBT line, complete with push handcart, to move mail and packages. After the Post Office moved to the RI&C Office, the building stood derelict for many years.

The Friends of the East Broad Top purchased the building in the mid-80's and have been carefully restoring it to it's original appearance. It will soon be restored to house the FEBT collection and museum as well as rooming for restoration workers. Once the museum is in the Post Office, the restoration of the Robertsdale Station can be completed.

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