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Rocky Ridge Bridge

Photo of Rocky Ridge Bridge Photo of Rocky Ridge Bridge
Mile Mark: 25.55
Elevation: 1455'
Date Built: ca. 1900
Published Photos: EBT 101

This is the location of the original 1874 bridge #14. It was 60' and most likely wood. The abutments were damaged by the 1889 flood. The bridge was renumbered to #11 by 1917.

The current quarter-through steel plate girder bridge was built around 1900. Its single 65' span crosses Trough creek the first of four times. It is a unique design on the EBT and features a recessed deck, such that the rail is even with the top of the girder. The reason for this may be that it is built on a unremovable curve and this design allowed equipment to clear the girder, yet allow for change in the position of the rail. Second to Pogue, this is likely the highest steel bridge on the line.

The bridge is intact and can be reached by a three-quarter mile walk from the road north from Cooks, where it veers from the EBT.

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