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Wrays Hill

Photo of Wrays Hill
Mile Mark: 25.90
Elevation: 1480'
Date Built: ca. 1910
Published Plans: EBT 116

Wrays Hill was the site of a siding and loading tipples for two mines that operated here in the early twentieth century. On one side of the valley was Starr #1 operated by the Broad Top Coal and Mineral Company starting in 1910. It was operated under the eigis of "Possum Hollow Coal and Coke Company". Sometime after 1912 the mine passed to the Rocky Ridge Coal Mining Company. Opposite Starr #1 was the Wray's Hill mine. It was opened in 1907 by the Rocky Ridge Coal Mining Company. RRCM operations moved here after working at the Dougherty Mine from 1903-1907. Both mines seem to have been out of operation by 1915 and the siding was removed.

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