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RI&C Company Store

Photo of RI&C Company Store
Mile Mark: 29.80
Elevation: 1765'
Date Built: 1874
Published Photos: EBT 61, 164, 209; AEBT 73, 74, 76, 81

The Company Store was an integral part of the original company town of Robertsdale. It was constructed in 1874 when the railroad was completed. It was, with few exceptions, the only place for the miners to spend their money. It was added onto on at least three occasions over its 124 year life. After the end of operations, it served as a gas station for a time then stood derelict.

The original portion of the building was constructed of loose stone cemented together. The additions consisted of one frame and one cement block sections.

The original stone section suffered a series of roof collapses beginning in 1991 and concluding with a major failure and the failure of the second floor in 1996. At that time the building was condemned and, since rescue could not be found in time, was demolished in the spring of 1997. This is the single greatest loss to the EBT in the last decade, and perhaps since the line closed.

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