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Robertsdale Wye Bridge

Photo of Robertsdale Wye Bridge
Mile Mark: 29.80
Elevation: 1760'
Date Built: 1907
Published Photos: AEBT 5

This is the location of the early bridge #19, erected when this wye replaced a small turntable as a turning station. The bridge was washed off its abutments by the 1889 flood.

The current deck steel plate girder bridge was built in 1907. Its single 23' span crosses a narrow portion of Trough Creek. It is similar in design to Runk Road and Shirleysburg bridges. It uses three girders in a V shape to accommodate the two legs converging atop it. The stub switch frog is just past the bridge. It sets on two concrete abutments.

It is easily accessible by walking the wye leg south from the highway crossing in Robertsdale.

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