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Mount Union Wye

Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 585'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: AEBT 91

This wye was built sometime prior to 1906 to replace the 1874 turntable which could no longer accommodate the longer locomotives the EBT was buying.

Curiously the south leg of the wye was constructed dual gauge while the north leg was narrow gauge only, making it impossible to turn the standard gauge locomotives. This may have been to remove the need for a full draw to be installed in the wye yet allow the standard gauge switchers to spot a combine car on the tail for a turning narrow gauge locomotive to pick up later. The standard gauge locomotives could, however, be turned using the NARCo brick siding where it tied into the PRR Creosote Plant spur, which formed a wye. The west tail of the wye curved and extended for a significant distance until Shirley Street, US 522, was realigned closer to the yard in the 1930's. The tail then butted up to the road on a high concrete abutment. The tail could then only accommodate a locomotive and one car.

Both the north and south legs and the west tail of the wye were removed when supermarket was constructed nearby. Reconstruction of the wye may be possible, but it would be very close to the supermarket parking lot.

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