EBT Common Carrier 1930-1959

From the collections of Rick Shoup (RCS), Robert Waller (RSW), Willaim Waller (WSW), T. A. Coons (TAC), Russell Norris (RN) and Chris Coleman (CDC). Comments by Chris Coleman based on comments by the collection owner or comments on the original photo.


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1951 Railfan Excursion

photo Vintage photo of caboose #28. (RSW)

photo Loco #11 rides one of the wyes with a passenger train about 1940, including combine 18. #11 was the first wide firebox locomotive on the line. She set the stage for the six wide firebox Mikados now on the railroad. (RCS)

photo Three EBT steel hoppers await coal from the RI&C Mine #1 tipple. (RCS)

photo Mikado #18 prepares to leave Mount Union. The station is just to the right of the photo. (RCS)

photo #15 turns two coaches on the Robertsdale Wye. Robertsdale Wye Bridge is just beyond the concrete to the right. The date is likely summer 1955. (RCS)

photo #14 and one of the big mikes wait on the track by the Blacksmith Shop. The spur to the left leads into the storage lean-to. (RCS)

photo At Saltillo Tankhouse #17 approaches from the south to fill her tender. On the side of the tank, a white marker indicates the tank is nearly full. Also notice the very long Maintenance-of-Way car on the section car track. Does anyone know what this long car was for? (RCS)

photo #16 pauses at Saltillo Tankhouse to fill her tender. She is hauling loaded hoppers toward Mount Union. (RCS)

photo Two of the large mikes meet at Saltillo. The conductor near us is about to hand orders to the other train. (RCS)

photo By the Merchandise Transfer in Mount Union, standard gauge hoppers with range coal await transfer to the Pennsy while narrow gauge boxcars and flats await duty. (RCS)

photo Standard gauge switcher #3 shuffles a tank car toward the Pennsylvania Railroad connection. (RCS)

photo #6 waits on the lead to her stall in the enginehouse. Behind is the Mount Union merchandise transfer. (DEM)

photo #6 is parked in front of the tankhouse at Mount Union. (DEM)

photo #16 waters at the Mount Union Tankhouse. Coupled to her is combine 15 and the Mount Union Enginehouse for the standard gauge switchers is in the background. (RCS)

photo #18 fills her tender tank at the Robertsdale Tankhouse. To the left is the RI&C mine #5 tipple. (RCS)

photo An Erie gondola, having been changed from standard gauge to narrow gauge trucks at the Timber Transfer, sets in the Rockhill Yard north of the Coal Bunker. (RCS)

photo The Timber Transfer seems to have a standard gauge gondola waiting for its services. (RCS)

photo In the Rockhill Yard, passenger combine 18 waits for a call to duty. It now rests, truckless, in Colorado. To the left is the only EBT fishbelly flat car. (RCS)

photo #14 heads into her stall after a day's work hauling coal. The date is about 1948. (RCS)

photo The M-3 was rebuilt by the Rockhill Shops from a 1928 Nash. Here, sometime prior to 1956, she is pulling a depressed center MOW car for a brush cutter. (RCS)

photo The business parlor car 20, the Orbisonia, is in the Mount Union dual gauge yard. She may be part of the 1951 railfan excursion. (RCS)

photo #14 rides the Turntable about 1954. (RCS)

photo The Mount Union Coal Transfer Plant and Timber Transfer a few years after the abandonment. (RCS)

1951 Railfan Excursion

photo #15 readies herself for the next leg of this 1951 railfan excursion. Notice the railfans in the cab. (RCS)

photo It's 1951 and the EBT is in service. The railfan excursion of that year is behind #15 as she emerges from the south portal of Sideling Hill Tunnel on the way to Robertsdale. (RCS)

photo The 1951 excursion train is turning on the Robertsdale Wye. The buildings are (l to r) a miners home, RI&C Company Store, Robertsdale Station, RI&C Offices, RI&C Company Post Office and Robertsdale Enginehouse. (RCS)

photo #15 and the 1951 railfan trip head through Allenport toward Mount Union. The three rail track extended to the south end of Allenport. (RCS)

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