EBT Tourist Operations 1960-1990

From the collections of Rick Shoup (RCS), Robert Waller (RSW), Willaim Waller (WSW), T. A. Coons (TAC), Russell Norris (RN) and Chris Coleman (CDC). Comments by Chris Coleman based on comments by the collection owner or comments on the original photo.

1960 Orbisonia/Rockhill Bicentennial Season

photo #12 on the turntable. She doesn't look very good in this shot and the fact that 'Millie' is not stenciled under her number and the fresh decking on the turntable means this is likely early 1960 and #12 has been steamed up after many years of storage for the Bicentennial celebrations. In the rear, boxcar #175 has likely just been cut down and is being painted for excursion service. (WSW)

photo #12 "Millie" appears to be on display here in 1960. (WSW)

photo #12 being turned. Note that there is no fence around the turntable pit. It will be erected soon. (WSW)

photo This shot of #14 on the turntable is likely from 1960 or 61. (WSW)

photo #15 on the turntable in Rockhill. This is likely 1960 or 61. (WSW)

Regular Operations

photo #14 at Colgate Grove. dated 1965, probably taken in 1964. (WSW)

photo Another shot of #14 at Colgate Grove. 1964. (WSW)

photo Waste barrel with some old steam engine behind it :-). 1961. (WSW)

photo Tourist train getting ready for a run. 1963. (WSW)

photo A tourist train pulls up to the station. 1964 or 65. (WSW)

photo 15 on the Turntable. 1961. (WSW)

photo A Shot across the Turntable. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo View from stall #5. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo Entering the Rockhill Furnace wye near the station. 1964. (WSW)

photo #12 is backing on the Rockhill Furnace Wye. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo Another view of #12 is backing on the wye. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #12 is backing on the Rockhill Furnace Wye. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #12 backing across the Ash Pit. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #15 has a freight on track 2. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo Flagging Meadow Street as #12 brings passenger cars off the coach track. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #14 out on the line with a tourist train. (RSW)

photo Train in distance is returning to Rockhill. (RSW)

photo Headed by #14 the train is on the far track. (RSW)

photo #14 is about to cross Meadow street to enter the wye. (RSW)

photo #14 entering the north leg of the Rockhill Wye. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #14 on the north leg of the wye. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #14 backing on the south leg of the Rockhill Wye. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo #12 takes on coal at the Coal Docks. (RCS)

photo Three mikado tenders and a gas-electric are snuggled up for a good night's sleep. (RCS)

photo At the 1990 Fall Spectacular three mikes are ready to pull out with trains. #12 has the passenger train on the right and #15 and #17 have the freight on the left. (RCS)

photo #14 is on the turntable, likely heading in for the night. (RCS)

photo Up close and personal shot of one of only two known three way narrow gauge stub switches. (RCS)

photo This shot of #14 turning on the wye likely dates from the early 60's per the lack of the Railways to Yesterday presence behind her. (RCS)

photo #15 is heading out for tourist service, possibly in 1963. Note M-4 hiding behind her. (RCS)

photo #12 rides the Turntable on a gloomy 1990 day. (RCS)

photo Its lightened up a bit as #17 takes her ride out. (RCS)

photo Loco #17 heads out for excursion duty. (RCS)

photo At the 1988 Fall Spectacular, the EBT went to the trouble of turning all four operational locomotives for a rare "noses out" shot. #12, #17 and #18 (tender showing) as well as #14 and #15 have since traded places. (RCS)

photo Hoppers are still lined up in the south end of the Rockhill Furnace Yard. The date is 1962. (By Ralph Miller) (RCS)

photo #12 is returning to Rockhill with a load of tourists in 1983. (RCS)

photo This is an aerial view of the north Rockhill Yard in 1965. (RCS)

photo In order, #12, #14, #15 and #17 quadruppled across the Long Fill near Runk Road. The date is likely between 1987 and 1990. (RCS)

photo This is a shot of #12 and #15 ready for service in 1961. (RCS)

photo Sitting on the tender, we are looking over the cab of #17 as it prepares to return to its stall in about 1965. (by Ralph Miller) (RCS)

photo In the early afternoon sun, #15 takes the passenger train back to Rockhill during the 1990 Fall Spectacular. (RCS)

photo M-1 sets on the rail just south of Orbisonia Station. (RCS)

photo #12 heads north during the Fall Spectacular with the passenger train. (RCS)

photo With some illumination help from Jim Boyd, this night shot of #15 behind the Boiler Shop shows the loco's details. (RCS)

photo #12 or #15 returning an excursion train from Colgate Grove. (RCS)

Sights on the operating Railroad

photo Looking north from the hoppers south of the Coal Dock. The hoppers are thicker in the yard here in the mid 1960's than they are now, unlike the brush. (WSW)

photo The Rockhill Roundhouse as it was in the late 1960's. Note that the ash pit is covered over. (WSW)

photo At the south end of Rockhill Yard looking north in the mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo At McMullins Summit Overpass, this wood bridge from the common carrier era was later replaced with a steel one. This view is from the mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo This is Rockhill Furnace Bridge in the mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Lunatic Railfan on shop stacks? (WSW)

photo The Foundry and the Blacksmith Shop in 1978. Notice the old gas pump for M-1 has not been replaced yet. (RCS)

photo The Coaling Dock (here still with its shanty atop) looms above. (RCS)

photo Orbisonia Station, likely as it looked in 1990. (RCS)

photo Rich Keller checks out the innerds of the Rockhill Sandhouse. (RCS)

photo In recent years the Sand House has developed a list of its own. It is said there are still 25 tons of sand in the tower. (RCS)

#12 Oddessy

photo This and the next few photos show #12 backing out of the yards to take water and coal and head out for service in the early 1960's. #12 is now visible backing past the Lumber Shed. (WSW)

photo #12 nears the Three Way Stub Switch. (WSW)

photo Past the switch, she is now entering the main. (WSW)

photo She now begins to pull forward onto track 2. (WSW)

photo A crewmember on the ground has thrown the switch that will take her from track 2 to the wye track.

photo Having pulled forward on the wye track, she now backed down the Coal Dock track. (WSW)

photo She is almost in position now. (WSW)

photo Paydirt! #12 gets her fill of Broad Top Coal. (WSW)

photo Stanley Hall, General Manager of the EBT, passes #12. (RCS)

photo The Plymouth cow-and-calf M-5 rides the Turntable out of its Roundhouse stall. M-7 later replaced these units. (RCS)

Other Fueling Operations

photo #14 receives a tender of coal. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #14 gets her fill from the Coal Dock. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #14 alerts railfans as to her departure. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #14 departing Coal Dock. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo In a rush of steam #14 puts that Broad Top Coal to work. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #14 moving off. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #14 near the coal docks. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo #15's turn to get a drink. Early 1960's (WSW)

photo Backside of #15 with her belly full, heading for the day's tasks. Early 1960's (WSW)


photo An anonymous EBT hopper car. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo An EBT steel boxcar rests next to the old coal ramp in Orby. The ramp was removed soon after to make way for the RTY barn. 1961. (WSW)

photo Known for speed and comfort: M-3 and an EBT handcar. 1965. (WSW)

photo M-3 in one of the photographer's favorite pictures. 1961. (WSW)

photo Tank car 116 in the Rockhill Yard. (RSW)

photo Passenger flatcar #119 and combine #15. (RSW)

photo Combine 15 near the shops. (RSW)

photo Boxcar 170 with the scale test car in the background. (RSW)

photo Steel box car 181 and tanker 116 await duty. (RCS)

photo This is how caboose 28 looked prior to receiving its green paint for service with the passenger coaches. (RCS)

photo Tanker 116 and hopper 1000 rest beside the Foundry. (RCS)

photo Restored hopper car 1000 rests in the Rockhill Yard with its companion coal haulers. (RCS)

photo Dave Johnson walks past the only side dump hopper in Rockhill. It is parked by the farmhouse and is presumably being used for MOW service. (RCS)

photo Restored hopper 1000 rests with the rest of the freight train beside the Foundry and Boiler House. (RCS)

Railways to Yesterday

photo An early Railways to Yesterday operation. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo A closed trolley moves out towards Blacklog. Early 1960's. (WSW)

photo A color photo shows the bright colors of this closed RTY car. (WSW)

photo Open trolley heading out from yard. Note dual gauge trackage. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Open trolley in the woods south of Orbisonia. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Open Trolley leaving the clearing south of Orbisonia. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Hopper cars and trolley cars - Strange Yard Mates. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo More hopper cars and trolleys. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Narrow gauge now enters the photo. Early 1960's. (WSW)

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