FEBT Spring Exploration 1997

© 1997 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken April 11-13, 1997 using Kodachroome 200 in a Cannon AE-1. Images were scanned directly from the Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo The rails on Runk Road Bridge are looking a bit rusty, but the EBT will be along in a couple months to polish them up again.

photo The rails on Augwick Bridge are looking a lot rusty. Seven months after the bridge's pounding by hurricane Fran, it remains quite sound, despite years of spalling concrete.

photo This is what was left of the Harbison Walker Refractories plant in 1997. What you can see here was gone in six months. The steel tank on the right is the plant's water tower.


photo The walls of the Mount Union Standard Gauge scale house, minus bay window, stands vigil over the only remaining EBT Scale.


photo This is Orbisonia Bridge, just where 522 veers into Orbisonia. It is the newest bridge on the line.

photo This is Rockhill Furnace Bridge, marking the boundry between Rockhill Furnace and Orbisonia. It is the largest bridge on the operating portion of the line.

photo Near Shirleysburg is the old Tuscorora Pipeline pumping station that used EBT coal to power this early trans-Allegheny pipeline.

photo This is #13 standard gauge air powered dump car coupled to its companion narrow gauge car. It resides at the north end of the Mount Union Yard.

photo This is a rare example of one of the EBT's first order of steel hopper. It has since been converted from slope bays to flat bays.

photo Jordan Summit is the highest summit in the valley portion of the EBT. From Pogue north to here is the ruling northbound grade on the line.

photo Pogue Bridge is the highest and longest bridge on the line.

photo Prices Bridge is the first of three crossings of Three Springs Creek by the EBT.

photo Kyler's Bridge is the second crossing of Three Springs Creek and is the longest single span on the line at 135'.

photo Three Springs Bridge is the third crossing of Three Springs Creek, just north of the town of Three Springs.

photo Three Springs Warehouse is a curious building that is reportedly owned by the railroad. It is strange in that the loading doors face away from the track.

photo Tank House Bridge is the last crossing in the EBT's climb from the Augwick Creek Valley. It is likely the lowest bridge on the line, in that a grown man must crouch to walk under it.

photo Sideling Hill Tunnel's north portal is lined with concrete unlike the south one. The door mechanism is still in place on the portal.

photo Storm clouds gather behind the RI&C Company Offices. The building has housed the Robertsdale post office for several years now.

photo Trough Creek flows steadily beneath Robertsdale Bridge.

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