EBT Fall Spectacular 1997 / FEBT 15th Reunion

© 1997 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken October 9-13, 1997 using Kodachroome 64 and 200 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Sounds were recorded on a JVC CVHS camcorder. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo This is a sleepy scene of Orbisonia Station Thursday evening, the calm before the storm. Friday the scene will be busy and Saturday a mob.


photo The new 522 Overpass replaced a grade crossing near the Baptist cemetary. The closest pier was redesigned to allow for the possibility of EBT operations.

photo Shirleysburg Bridge is the first bridge and only steel bridge north of the operational part of the line.


photo An iron steed at rest for over 40 years now, Mikado 16 still awaits its next call to duty. Both she and 18 were in excellent operating condition when put away in 1956 and could be made to steam again, though with no current paperwork the necessary recertification would be expensive.

photo The West Standpipe is behind the Boiler Shop. Unlike its twin to the south, this one does not operate.

photo After a trip with the passenger consist, impatiently #15 awaits her return to the main.

photo #15 is in the hole with the shade gap picnic train, while #17 comes through with the mixed train.

photo #17 is waiting in the hole with the mixed freight train.

photo #14 with a passenger train is heading for the station to pick up passengers.

photo The four Mikes, M-1 and M-7 are lined up for the the annual Whistle Salute. The view is from the boney piles SE of the yards.

photo This is a mono, 1:50 recording of the 1997 Whistle Salute. The locomotives are, in this order, M-7, 12, 14, 15, 17 and all at once. M-1 lead off but could not be heard from this vantage point on the boney piles.

photo Railways to Yesterday car #163 heading toward Blacklog.

photo Railways to Yesterday CA&E #315 heads down the branch behind #163.

photo Now that the cars are clear, the three EBT trains move through the wye starting with the #12-#15 doubleheaded train.

photo The Boiler Shop stands in the center of this photo, flanked by the Sand House on the left and the Service Bays and Carpentry Shop on the right.

photo Operations around the Coal Dock can get hectic suddenly. #12 is fueling and #15 is turning. M-1 and another train are waiting on the Wye.

photo M-7 illuminates her stall on its way back to the stable. In order 18, 16, 12 and 17 are visible in their stalls. 14 and 15 are still out on the night trains.


photo The Rockhill Roundhouse Sunday morning awaits the first of the four steamed mikes to roll out for a day's work. The ash pit is in the immediate foreground.

photo #12 is the last out of house. After being cleaned she puts on a brief show before moving off into the fog.

photo Inside the Machine Shop this steam driven sump pump kept the foundation dry. The two posts are bracing the roof above.

photo This relatively small drill press has been converted to electric power by the addition of a motor and short belt. It is obviously still in use.

photo This threading machine was used on both pipe and bolts. It has also been converted to electrical power.

photo This is the axle lathe, used to prepare axles prior to using the wheel press to attach wheels.

photo This 1930 GMC bus has been restored to an authentic EBT Transit Co. livery by John Corson. It is not an original EBT vehicle, having been purchased in Texas, but this is an identical year and model.

photo The Spectacular was the first public appearance of this Dodge Brothers delivery van. It has been restored by Bob Farquharson to look like EBT Transit Co. #2 acquired in 1929. The original bus was destroyed in the garage fire of 1933, but this is an identical year and model. The EBTTC was a subsidiary of the EBT which tried to recapture passenger and general freight business the railroad had lost to road vehicles.

photo This shot of the McMullins Summit overpass is from the freight train. The bridge is a prime photo op for train chasers, just don't block the drive.

photo On the return trip we are crossing the Long Fill at Runk Road.

photo The interior of Coach #8 has a subtle elegance to it, but primarily serves a purpose, much like the EBT.

photo Stanley Hall, EBT General Manager, observes his charge as he protects the Meadow Street crossing.


photo Saltillo was the last stop before the ascent to Broad Top Mountain. The Saltillo Station is the last EBT structure in Saltillo, and is also the only intact EBT station not being cared for.

photo Coles was indeed nowhere, but halfway through the climb to Robertsdale a source of water was needed for the locomotives. Coles had a natural spring which served the purpose and was fed into Coles Tankhouse by means of a gasoline engine driven pump.

photo The east tail of the Robertsdale Wye passes over Trough Creek on Robertsdale Wye Bridge. The bridge sports three girders to support the diverging wye legs.

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