FEBT Summer Celebration 1998

© 1998 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken June 25-27, 1998 using Kodachroome 64 and 200 and Ektachrome 400 and 1600 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Sounds and video from Cannon 8mm camcorder. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo This is the RI&C Fan House that ventilated the mines in the Robertsdale area.

photo The RI&C Company Post Office is being restored by the FEBT.

photo The site of the Joller mine has been largely erased by a mine reclamation project. In this view, from the entrance road, the tipple and shaft mine were just this side of the line of trees. The drift mine is off to the right and has not been changed much. The town site is behind us and is also mostly undisturbed.

photo In this view, from the right distance of the last picture, the tipple and shaft mine were just to the left of the line of trees. The lower EBT branch was where the pond retaining wall to the right is (no doubt based on the EBT fill). The tramway from the old Fulton drift mine was about where the far wall of the pond is now. The boney pile at its end is still there, just inside the tree line. Until the ponds are complete (about 4-5 ponds by the look of it) the runoff has been diverted along the far tree line where it accumulates behind the lower EBT branch S curve fill.

photo On Saturday, June 7, a flue fire erupted in the smokejack above #14 while it was being hostled for the day's excursions. The fire was extinguished prior to the fire department arriving. This is the remains of the smokejack, which has likely been rebuilt by the time you read this.

photo The Blacksmith Shop looks a bit like the Tower of Pisa. Fortunately, like the tower it doesn't seem to be leaning any more.


photo This is one of two surviving side discharge hoppers, created by the EBT from their original order of PSCCo two bay hoppers. The other is on its side in the Mount Union Yard

photo This shot shows the old and the new EBT. The rear hopper is one of the eight restored to operable condition. The front one has not moved in fourty years, but still bears its colors.

photo For a dollar extra, the view from the caboose cupola is excellent. This view of Colgate Grove is from Caboose 28.

photo Three little mikados sittin' in their stalls.

photo Viewed between the Service Bays and the Carpentry Shop, #14 prepares to pull out of the south leg of the wye.

photo A telephoto view of #14 as she prepares to pull out of the south leg of the wye. Notice the three way stub switch in the track plan.

photo Inside the roundhouse we see #15 ready for action and #17 minus her smokebox front.

photo #12 has her smokebox open for her yearly hydrostatic test. Since a leak was found in her tender her operation won't come for about a month.

photo #17 has her smokebox front off for work on her superheater tubes. Those are the small tubes curving upward out of the boiler flues.

photo In the Blacksmith Shop is this small belt driven hammer.

photo In the Boiler Shop this hand shear was used for sheet metal that didn't require the large power shear.

photo This is the Boiler Shop scaler.

photo An overall view of the inside of the Boiler Shop.

photo An overall view of the inside of the Machine Shop.

photo After the shops tour there was a tour of the excavations of two 1850's charcoal iron furnaces. This is Winchester Furnace. Rockhill Furnace, which gave the town its name, was just begging to be excavated. It was the existing iron industry that, in large part, made the EBT viable to build.


photo On an overcast Sunday morning, it has been raining. Nevertheless, #15 is thirsty, so she quenches her thirst and hunger at the Coal Dock.

photo Folks love trains. Case-in-point in this picture.

photo In the RTY Car Barn, the half-built Augwick coach sets as it has for years. It is based on an old D&RGW flatcar frame. Although it sets on cast Vulcan trucks, the trucks from the toppled hoppers in Mount Union were intended for it and its never built companions. The trucks are in the Rockhill Yard and the other three D&RGW cars are in the Car Shop.

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