EBT Winter Spectaculars

From the collections of Rick Shoup (RCS), Robert Waller (RSW), Willaim Waller (WSW), T. A. Coons (TAC), Russell Norris (RN) and Chris Coleman (CDC). Comments by Chris Coleman based on comments by the collection owner or comments on the original photo.

1960's Winter Spectaculars

photo M-1 backs out of her stall for a days work in the mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo The M-1 rides the Turntable. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo #17 backs onto the Turntable amid vintage autos. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo #17 now backs across the Ash Pit. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo M-1 is hitched to one of the cabooses. It appears to be during one of the Winter Spectaculars. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo M-1 again, with caboose 28. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo A closeup of Caboose #28 in need of some paint. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo View from a caboose window as M-1 takes a passenger car out. Mid 1960's. (WSW)

photo Boxcar 170 in the mid 1960's as seen from one of the caboose cupolas. (WSW)

photo M-1 is parked on the main in the Rockhill Yards. Mid 1960's.(WSW)

photo One of the steamers is backing on the south leg of the Rockhill Wye. A dusting of snow reveals the season. (WSW)

photo Aboard a restored flatcar in freight scheme, #17 is viewed passing the Car Shops. Note the early benches on the flatcar. Mid 1960's (WSW)

photo #17 continues to approach. Still running on clean burning Broad Top Coal and showing it. (WSW)

photo #17 now passes the flatcar. Mid 1960's (WSW)

photo Another shot of #17 as she seems to have stopped by the flat. Mid 1960's (WSW)

photo The roundhouse is closed up after a day's service. (WSW)

photo Roundhouse and patches of snow. Late 1960's. (WSW)

1970's Winter Spectaculars

photo #12 moves past the freight train and the Car Shop. (RN)

photo Now, #14 passing. (RN)

photo #12 again steaming the place up. (RN)

photo And now the big mike, #17, makes her appearance. (RN)

photo Out on the line, #17 does the honors with the freight train we just saw in the yard. (RN)

photo #17 and the freight passing. (RN)

photo From the cupola of the caboose on the freight, the train is seen passing over the Long Fill at Runk Road. (RN)

photo The ubiquitous M-1 passes with cabooses #27 and #28 in tow for extra passenger capacity. (RN)

photo The M-1 passes, with a lone sole braving the ravages of Jack Frost. (RN)

photo As seen from the south leg of the Colgate Grove Wye, the passenger train behind #12 passes the north leg of the wye. (RN)

photo A cupola view of #17 and the freight train departing track 1 for track 2, the main. (RN)

photo In the distance, near the coal docks, an EBT mike prepares for service. (RN)

photo The neighboring Rockhill Trolley Museum initiated and co-sponsored the Winter Spectaculars. It made an ideal opportunity for their sweeper #107 to show its stuff. (RN)

photo The pilot of #14 steams and simmers in the brisk February air. (RN)

photo On a snowless February day, #12 simmers at the grove awaiting her return to Rockhill. (RN)

photo Enroute, #12 steams along the EBT main. (RN)

photo At the grove, cabooses #27 and #28 (less stenciling) await service. (RN)

photo #12 and the passenger train are about to depart Orbisonia Station on a run to the grove. (RN)

photo Next up, the M-1 departs with caboose #28 in tow. (RN)

photo At the February 1975 Winter Spectacular, the three operational mikes (#14 was layed up at this time) head back to Rockhill with a long train. (RCS)

photo Steam bellows from the locos in the roundhouse on this cold Winter Spectacular day. The date is February 1979 and it is 14 below. (RCS)

photo A cold M-4 sits alone in the Rockhill Yard. It's 1979 and it's 7 below at noon. (RCS)

photo The Turntable is stiff this cold morning as it takes 4+ persons pushing to turn #12. (RCS)

photo On a cold day #15 steams up the area quite thoroughly. (RCS)

photo #12 demonstrates the cold with her display. (RCS)

photo Two fellow EBT fans, Tony Koester and Mike Delveceo, watch the action from the parked hoppers. (RCS)

photo During a Winter Spectacular, the M-1 and Mikes #14 and #15 line up for service. (RCS)

photo The three Mikes make their presence known on the Long Fill. (RCS)

photo #12 is guided by a brakeman as she navigates out by the Coal Docks. (RCS)

photo #12 and parlor car 20 head in as they pass caboose 27 at Orbisonia Station in 1979. (RCS)

1980's Winter Spectaculars

photo A telephoto view shows visitors enjoying their snowless Winter Spectacular ride behind #12 in 1981. The switch led to the Coach House track and has since been removed completely. (RCS)

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