FEBT Spring Exploration 2000

© 2000 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken April 7-9, 2000 using Kodachroome 64 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo From west of Waterfall PA, Sideling Hill Gap looms further to the west. The EBT had considered taking its tracks through here and into the Coles Valley beyond. Through the gap is seen the high plateau of Broad Top Mountain, the goal of the EBT and an imposing edifice from this side. As a result the EBT penetrated Sideling Hill at Morelands Gap several miles north.

photo Atop Broad Top Mountain in Woodvale, the grade of the branch to Rockhill Iron and Coal mines #7 and #8 can be seen veering off to the left. To the right is one of the EBT sidings that service the truck dumps in Woodvale.

photo On the other side of the road and tracks, this depression marks the location of the small depot that once served the town. There are no known photos of the building itself.

photo Across the tracks from the station site this more pronounced depression is the filled in remains of RI&C mine #6, known as 'The Shaft'. A headframe would have towered about 70' above the shaft when it was in operation, with the buildings in the background providing the power for the machinery.

photo At the #6 mine site, these support buildings provided the power to operate the mine. To the right is the Engine House and to the left the Dynamo House. Behind them is the Boiler House which supplied the needed steam for the engine and to the Machine Shop across the road.

photo In Robertsdale some rail was taken up to allow the new municipal water lines to be laid to the old Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Office. The rail was then relaid but not rebolted.

photo In Adams, which is now no more than a siding on the EBT, the Mount Union Connecting is hard at work reversing 40 years of vegetation on the EBT tracks.

photo In the Mount Union yard MTC has fully cleared the passing siding near the Timber Transfer site. A continued glint on the standard gauge rails shows the periodic use of the MTC hi-railer on the line.

photo The evening sun, still peeking over Jacks Mountain, highlights the many hoppers at rest in Mount Union.


photo Near the south end of the Rockhill Furnace Yard, one of the earliest hoppers, since converted to side discharge, stands beside the arch-bar trucks of one of its sisters from Mount Union and the Denver and Rio Grande trucks from under the Aughwick coach.


photo After Saturday morning the weather changed dramatically, from sunny 60s to wet 40s making picture taking risky if possible at all. Then Saturday night the snow came in. Sunday morning the faithful of the Exploration gang gathered for a group photo in front of the Saltillo Station.

photo At Mount Union the group gets a chance to look over EBT #3 slumbering in the enginehouse. To the left is the MTC office.

photo About two miles south of Mount Union is Adams, the site of the northernmost passing siding. This was the extent of the clearing at the time of this photo. This is the north end of the siding.

photo Just north of Shirleysburg this bridge carries the EBT main across Fort Run, named after Fort Shirley a revolutionary era frontier fort nearby. This is the only steel bridge between the operating EBT and Mount Union.

photo Just south of the bridge is the section house, itself just north of the Shirleysburg Passing Siding and the station site. The house seems to be used by the adjacent landowner for storage.

photo The 'other' side of Orbisonia Station has seen a few changes since the railroad hauled coal. The lean-to that now houses the public restrooms was originally the freight loading platform. The concrete and railing to the left was also added in the 1960's.

photo Up close and personal with Coles Tankhouse. Significantly higher on the mountain, the brush has not yet sprouted here as it has in Mount Union. At least the snow had melted off.

photo The thaw from the previous night's snowfall rushes down Trough Creek as the rails of the East Broad Top climb ever higher to the top of the Broad Top.

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