EBT Winter Hop 1999

© 1999 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken February 13-14, 1999 using Kodachroome 64 and 200 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Sounds and video were recorded on a Cannon 8mm camcorder. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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No photos for Friday


photo With a sagging roof and bowing walls, Saltillo Station is near collapse in this photo.


photo This is the remains of the Woodvale Mule Barn. It was burned by an arsonist.

photo The north end of the Woodvale yard sports a well preserved switch mast.

photo A snowy scene of slim rails dusted white in winter's embrace.
The scene is along Trough Creek between Robertsdale and Woodvale.

photo This appears to be a air ventilation duct for RI&C Mine #5.

photo The collapsed building in the foreground was likely the mine car repair shop for RI&C Mine #5. In the right distance is the RI&C Boiler House.

photo Here is a closeup of the RI&C Boiler House.

photo This is the mine opening to RI&C Mine #1. This was the first mine opened on the EBT.

photo The Rockhill Furnace Shops as seen from the Markle House.

photo In the brush behind Railways to Yesterday, the remains of the Rockhill Furnace. The brick building is the enginehouse and the hot ovens would have been in the immediate foreground. The two 70' stacks were just left and right out of the photo.

photo South of the Coal Dock resides the EBT's only 4-bay hopper, #1074.

photo Near the south end of the Rockhill Furnace Yard the yard crosses over Jordan Run on this concrete culvert.

photo On the way up to Wrays Hill Tunnel one walks along Coles Curve, a mini- horseshoe curve.

photo Near Wrays Hill Tunnel is the north Actuator Pole. This pole held a switch that was used by the crews to open and close the tunnel doors without stopping.

photo Wrays Hill Tunnel as viewed from it's watchman shanty site.

photo This is the mechanism that operated the door, whether triggered by the watchman or the remote actuator.

photo Reggie Arford kindly holds up the Tel-Tale that warned of a load that would not clear the tunnel. You would not want your head hit by those metal bars.

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