EBT Winter Hop 2001

© 2001 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken February 18-20, 2001 using Kodachroome 64 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo Snow covers the EBT main just to the rail heads along a bitter cold Trough Creek.

photo A miniature glacier covers the debris pile at the south portal of Wrays Hill Tunnel and slowly pushes material out the portal just as its bigger cousins would.

photo Standing on the EBT main, the Rocky Ridge Branch on the far side of the valley is evident as is the leg of the wye curving toward it at the right.


photo This is the site of the top of the GREFCo Stanton funicular near Neelyton.

photo One of the quarry's worked rock faces.

photo At the base of the funicular was this structure which would have housed machinery and a rock tipple. To the left is visible the passage of the EBT track through the foundation and under the tipple.

photo A view from the end of the funicular grade looks across two piers that would have carried the track across to the foundation. The EBT track would have run left to right through the far end of the large foundation.

photo In this depression ran the Stanton Spur leading to the GREFCo rock tipple.

photo Now back at Rockhill for the Railways to Yesterday Winter Trolleyfest (a members-only event), M-7 and caboose 27 stand ready for excursions down the EBT line while Rio de Janeiro open car 1875 heads down the trolley line.

photo Down at the Coal Dock, Jack Frost has done his work creating a waterfall frozen in time.

photo Near the Coal Dock, M-4 has been spotted out of the way to allow M-7 to head out. M-4 shares M-7's stall during the winter and was simply pushed all the way out when M-7 came out (no sense in additional switching).

photo M-7 and caboose 27 are returning from a run up to McMullins Summit and will turn on the wye to run the next trip in the reverse order.

photo The M-7 idles as it prepares to back toward McMullins Summit. The open trolley sets at the trolley platform, also awaiting passengers.

photo About to depart the Rockhill Wye for McMullins Summit, M-7 is visible through the rear door of caboose 27.

photo Slight reflections of the caboose's crowded interior cloud the view of RTY volunteer Phil Glass as he minds the switches near Orbisonia Station.

photo At McMullins Summit the passengers debark for photos before the train makes the return run.

photo After the last train, M-7 heads to the Coal Docks to set about putting things away.

photo After having deposited the caboose in the Paint Shop, M-7 pulls M-4 with her as she returns to her stall.

photo M-7 and M-4 ride the turntable together to stall 8.

photo Near the site of the Tuscarora Pipeline Pumping Station, this site of an early EBT bridge later became a culvert, until hurricane Fran of 1972 removed the fill over the culvert.


photo A short distance south of Robertsdale, Robertsdale Bridge spans Trough Creek.

photo Further downstream, the next bridge over Trough Creek is Martins Old Mill Bridge.

photo From atop the bridge, the fact that it is built at a skewed angle becomes apparent.

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