FEBT Spring Exploration 1999

© 1999 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken April 10 and 11, 1999 using Kodachroome 64 and 200 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo Still standing, Shade Gap section house shows what a real trooper is.

photo North of Shade Gap Station is the upper crossing of Shade Creek by the EBT.

photo This is the remains of the Shade Gap Tankhouse. This is one of nine footings that remain.

photo Looking north from Jordan Summit we see the top of the ruling northbound grade.

photo Looking much better for the work, Saltillo Station stands into 1999. Compare its condition to what it looked like in February.

photo In the brush south (rr north) of Saltillo is the remains of Bridge #12, a former EBT crossing of North Spring Branch.

photo This is the lower cut at Joller, graded in 1919.


photo On the Mount Union Enginehouse track, the ramp present since the 1975 sale of #6 is at last disassembled by the MTC in preparation for operations.

photo At the New 522 Grade Crossing, the 1999 Early Birds gather to inspect the workmanship.


photo After the long hike for the weekend, Wrays Hill Tunnels north portal appears ahead of the hikers.

photo Looking into the tunnel, the first collapse accounts for the gap in the second section of timber lining.

photo In the foreground of this shot is the first collapse in the tunnel. Beyond it a pile of soil marks the second. The tunnel is clear for a few hundred feet beyond, at which point larger collapses dominate.

photo Looking out from the concrete tunnel lining, other hikers put the portal in perspective.

photo Here is the remains of the north Watchmans Shanty where an EBT employee was stationed to operate the tunnel doors.

photo Visible in this shot from the EBT main is the Coles Valley Branch snaking its way up the side of Wrays Hill.

photo in Neelyton is the easternmost bridge on the EBT. The Shade Gap Branch ended at a sawmill just south of here. The grade continued to Burnt Cabins next to the PA Turnpike.

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