Pine Creek Railroad Purchases EBT Hoppers


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Last Updated 12-11-01

Hopper Photo Hopper Photo
Left: Hopper near the Coal Ramp.
Right: Hopper in the south end of the yard.

The New Jersey Museum of Transportation's Pine Creek Railroad, located at Allaire, NJ, has purchased two EBT hoppers from the Mount Union Yard. The hoppers were purchased to acquire the trucks, brake gear and some draft gear. The bodies were left in the yard. The trucks were removed in late March 2001.

The Pine Creek Railroad was given a locomotive and two passenger cars that ran on the former Carroll Park & Western RR in Bloomsburg PA. The CP&W was a two mile loop wild west attraction in the late 1960's and 1970's. This is the train featured in the motion picture The Molly Maguires starring Sean Connery. Delivered to Pine Creek's Allaire yard as of Friday, Nov 24, 2000, the equipment is equipped to run on 48" gauge, larger than Pine Creek's 36" gauge track. The trucks from the gauge-compatable EBT are to be used under the passenger cars so that they can be placed in service. The cars, a coach and combine, were originally built on standard gauge boxcar frames at an unknown date. The cars traveled from Pennsylvania to Virginia then New Jersey for dispaly before being dontated. For more information visit Pine Creek Railroad's site.

The Pine Creek is also home to restored EBT hopper 824 and unrestored EBT combine 16. #16 it currently under a 99 year lease to the Friends of the East Broad Top which is in the process of fabricating replica trucks for the car and plan to return it to Pennsylvania.

This purchase follows by about 10 months, the purchase of 5 EBT hoppers by the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad in New Mexico.

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