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Number: 14
Name: none
Date Built: 10/1912Date Purchased: 1912Date Sold: none
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition: Serviceable
Builder: BaldwinModel: Serial Number: 38625
Style: coal fired steamType: MikadoWheel Arrangement: 2-8-2
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 27,600Pressure/Power: 180 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: WalshaertsDriver Size: 48"Cylinder Bore: 19X24
Weight: 147,150Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight: 125,700
Grate: 36 sq ftFuel Capy.: 18,000Water Capy.: 6,000

#14 was the next developmental step of the EBT 2-8-2 Mikado after #12, itself a development of the 2-6-2 #11. #14 was basically an enlargement of #12 to point of still just being able to operate on 60# rail the EBT was using at the time. In a test she hauled 40 (wooden) enpty cars up the mountain to Robertsale, more that twice anything before #11. She worked pretty much up until the closing in early 1956.

She was the third loco to be reactivated for tourist sevice after #12 and #15, coming back about 1961. She worked into the early 70's but had to be sidelined for several years because of extensive work needed. In 1987 she was mechanically rebuilt and recieved boiler repairs and brought back into operation. In the 1990s she and #15 were the primary excursion engines, with #12 as backup.

With the application of federal FRA boiler regulations to the EBT in 2001, a rare waiver was granted to #14 while #15 was brought into compliance with the regulations. After there being four operation stam locmotives in 2000, and thee in 2001, starting in 2002 #14 was the only operating steam locomotive at the EBT.

In the early 2000s extensive craking was found in #14's driver wheel centers, the worst being in the left rear driver, McHugh Locomotive and Equipment performed extensive welding of that dirver in May and June 2005. Unfortunatley M-7 which was pulling trains for the start of the 2005 season failed, and #14 was put back into service before the welding repairs were completed. #14 officilly returned to operation July 2, 2005. The repairs were never completed avd #14 operated the rest of the season, causing the cracks to return.

After completion of #15's work in 2005, #14 and #15 operated together at the 2005 Fall Spectacular. As of 2021 that was the last time multiple steamers operated at the EBT. A waiver was requested of the FRA for #14 to be allowed to operate only at Fall Spectaculars and other special events. That application was denied by the FRA, citing safety concerns since #14 had never been brought into compliance with CFR Part 230, the federal rules governing the maintennace of seam locomtoves. As a result, #14 was taken out of service at the end of the 2005 season and remain so until the EBT ended operations in 2011.

With the purchase of the EBT in 2020 by the EBT Foundation, all the Mikados were evaluated as to which were the best candidates for return to service. Along with #16, #14 was selected in early May 2020 for rebuild. Tear down of #14 began March 21, 2000. Asbestos abatement occured in early May 2-9, 2020 in roundhosue stall 8. A succesful hydrostatic test was performed the week of May 18-22, 2020. She was subsequently moved to the running repair track in the Locomotive Shop. It was found again that the cast iron driver wheel centers had extensive cracking. New steel wheel centers are being cast to replace all eight driver wheel centers. The running gear and suspention needs extensive work. Work continues as of this wiritng to return her to service in 2022.

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