EBT 40th Anniversary Celebration 2000

© 2000 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken August 11-13, 2000 using Kodachroome 64 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from the Kodalux developed slides. Sounds and video from Cannon 8mm camcorder. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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photo Ready for service tomorrow, Parlor Car #20 waits on the shops coach track.

photo A welcome sign around the property is the coating of part of the shops roof with roofing tar. Hopefully the balance of the shops buildings will receive the same treatment. This is the Foundry roof.

photo Painting has been completed on the Mount Union Enginehouse by the Mount Union Connecting.


photo Railways to Yesterday's equipment stands at the ready inside Car Barn One.

photo RTY's motorcar is much larger than those owned by the EBT. Standard gauge makes a differece.

photo EBT's Fairmont MOW car and Phil Raynes' ex-EBT Fairmont MOW car are on the main enroute to display positions. The crew is debating how to get them to the siding since it was blocked near the switch.

photo Both trains stand ready even before the ceremony begins.

photo The 40th Anniversary ceremony has begun. The Kovalchick Family (Joe, Judy and Nathan) accept a plaque for their dedication in their curatorship of the EBT.

photo General Manager Stanley Hall's turn to be recognized.

photo Joe Kovalchick speaks on the past and present of the East Broad Top.

photo The crowd has decended on the anniversary and the trains are ready to roll.

photo We are about to pass the Mini-Freeze on US 522. Looking ahead from combine 14 past combine 15 and mikado #15.

photo EBT engineer Thomas Holder fields questions from passengers as #15 simmers at Colgate Grove.

photo "Loooook, it's a traaaiiin!" You can never have too many shots of an EBT mike waiting at the grove beneath those massive conifers.

photo Passengers begin to reboard the train for departure back to Rockhill. The second section (the Shade Gap Picnic Train) was already waiting on the other leg of the wye.

photo As was the case at the 1960 opening, a group of EBT maintenance of way equipment was out on display, albeit not the same ones spare the hand car. The two covered Fairmont cars belong to RTY member Phil Raynes (a former EBT car) and the EBT.

photo The FEBT owned ex-EBT pump handcar makes its first journey to Rockhill in many years. It graced the same track in 1960.

photo A bit to light out this hour in August, the night train was dubbed the 'Twilight Train' at the Anniversary. We are riding the second section of this train on the Shade Gap Picnic consist.


photo Parts is Parts, and a lot of them are in the shops Lumber Shed. In there are track panels, brake shoes, air reservoirs, a snowplow and various other do-dads a railroad can't do without such as *gasp* lumber!

photo That lumber has to be made into usable parts somewhere, and that somewhere is here in the Carpentry Shop.

photo Locomotives need love too. This is where they get it while 'in service'. The Inspection Pit is now mostly used for inspecting and lubricating the chain connections on the EBT's diesel locomotives.

photo With the operation of steam locomotives and coal heat the problem of fire was ever present on the railroads. The Hose House contained fire fighting equipment in the case the unexpected happened.

photo Parts is ... well, Long Parts, and this is where they are kept. Tubes, flues, rod stock and such are kept in these storage buildings behind the Yard Office.

photo With the Handcar Shed in the foreground, the crew gives #14 a load of black diamonds in exchange for a day's work.

photo Having returned to regular service for Sunday, #14 and the normal passenger consist heads for the station and waiting passengers.

photo At the platform and nearing time to depart, conductor Dave Brightbill checks the rear of the train before heading for the grove.

photo A roster shot of flatcar #123.

photo A roster shot of flatcar #117.

photo A roster shot of flatcar #107.

photo That's right, you guessed it - a roster shot of flatcar #111.

photo Cut out of the train after the first run, the combines are spared the wear and tear of the subsequent runs. Here #14 rests with the restored freight cars.

photo This is the Pattern House where the wood patterns for the iron casting in the Foundry were kept.

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