1997 EBT Opening / FEBT June Gathering 1997

© 1997 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken June 7 and 8, 1997 using Kodachroome 200 in a Cannon AE-1. Images were scanned directly from the Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.


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No photos for Friday


photo During the Shops Tour, we are in the Foundry looking at the small brass furnace. It was used to produce axle bearings, locks, hardware and any other brass item the railroad might need.

photo In the Blacksmiths Shop, this is a belt powered hammer. The power for this tool comes through a shaft between the buildings. The shaft runs through a trench under steel plates.

photo In the Machine Shop, the first (and rather impressive) machine you see is this wheel press. This is used to press wheels off of and onto axles.

photo All the electrical power in the shops and much of the town was provided by this steam powered Westinghouse DC generator.

photo This is the large locomotive wheel lathe. Even such a large machine as this was run from the overhead belt system.

photo This large Hand Press resides in the Boiler Shop.

photo M-4 is the oldest of the little diesels at the EBT. Today it rides the Turntable to share a stall with M-7.

photo M-4 waits on #12's stall lead for #14 to come in for the night.


photo #14 is moving out of the roundhouse for excursion duty on Sunday.

photo The EBT's only snow plow sets upside-down in the lumber shed. It was simply bolted to the locomotive pilot and pushed along the rails.

photo One of only two EBT hoppers with wood rather than steel height extenders sets on the old Coach House track. The other car is in the Mount Union Yard.

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