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Page Dragline in Iowa

By Bob Farquharson

This Page Engineering model 625 walking dragline can be preserved but quick action must be taken. It will be scrapped within the next 6 months unless it can be moved from its present location in Ames, Iowa no later than September 1, 1999. The owner has offered to give it to and appropriate group in order to see it preserved but needs a commitment as soon as possible.

How does this relate to the EBT? Rockhill Coal placed an identical dragline into operation on Broad Top Mountain. This is an opportunity to tell the story of surface mining on Broad Top Mountain that should not be allowed to pass by.

Preliminary discussions with the Miner's Museum indicate they are not able to undertake a project of this scope due to financial considerations but would incorporate it into their collection. I am looking at other sources of funding but it will likely take the collective action of many individuals. I already have a verbal commitment for the land needed for display and interpretation.

If you are interested in devoting your time and talents this summer, contact me as soon as possible

Bob Farquharson
5132 Piper Glen Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277-0389
Fax: 704-846-9060
e-mail Note: This is not an FEBT Project. I am funding the cost of the flyer in the FEBT Timber Transfer myself.

News item on the dragline.


By Bob Farquharson

Sadly, I must report that the effort to preserve the Page 625 walking dragline has failed. I notified the owner yesterday that the project could not be completed due primarily to a lack of funds. Little interest in the project was expressed from those sectors that I thought might have some: construction equipment enthusiasts, the railway preservation community in general and those with an interest in the EBT in particular. There was no industry support except from the Norfolk Southern that was willing to explore the possibility of donating transportation. In fairness to the dragline's owner, it is best to run the white flag up the pole now rather than string him along. The machine needs to be removed from its present site and there will still be time for scrapping before the weather turns cold. Thank you for your interest and words of encouragement.

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