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7-31-05 - EBT Builds Its own Web Site

After many years of several unofficial web site being published on the Internet, the East Broad Top Railroad has created an "official" web site for the line. ebtrr.com went online prior to the Fall Event 2003. The site, owned and operated by the railroad, provides a much needed official presence in cyberspace.

All content on the site is approved by railroad management. Althouh not extensive, the site contains all the infomration needed by tourist and casual fans. In the past two years the site has been kept up to date with upcoming events and shedules. A news section added after the site went online has contained some interesting information and unique articles not seen elsewhere. Unfortunately it is usually updated in spurts.

This web site, which has acted as the unofficial voice of the EBT for many years, will continue to be published and updated as it has its own role to play in the promotion and research of the East Broad Top. We wish the very best to the railroad in the future of their official site.

For more information visit the East Broad Top Railroad site

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