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What if the EBT had dieselized? What would the last years of the line been like? Here's your chance to find out.

There is a proposed charter of a coal train, powered by the M-7, trailed by a combine or coach/caboose, depending on the demand. The coach/caboose combination was common on the miners' trains. This would be a "What If" train,

The idea is to run a round trip on Opening Day, Saturday, June 3, to depart Orbisonia after the arrival of the first train of the day, returning to Orbisoniia before the the departure of the third train, meeting the second train at Colgate Grove, making photo stops in both directions.

It would be necessary to charge both the passengers and the chaser/photographers a fee in order to make the charter viable. If 100 people were to participate, It would cost about $40.00 for a ticket. If 50 people, the cost would be about $80.00.

We are getting a feel for whether sufficient people would participate prior to further planning. Please e-mail only if you're interested in participating. Any funds in excess of the costs of the trip would be donated to the FEBT Restoration Fund.

If you are interested in riding the train, please send e-mail to Lee Carlson, CTDadBear@AOL.COM. Indicate your inerest in purchacing tickets at the two price levels above. This does not commit you, but do not say yes unless you truely intend to purchase.


This propsed charter has been cancelled for the June 2000 opening weekend due to lack of commited riders. The charter will be pursued again at a later date which will be announced here.

Additionally there have been musings about a charter or public steam powered coal train at the Fall Spectacular. Again, details will be posted when and if they become available.

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