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'Ghost (informal)'

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Number: none
Name: Ghost (informal)
Date Built: 1947Date Purchased: 1977c.Date Sold: none
Line Built for: Disposition: Unserviceable
Builder: PlymouthModel: Serial Number:
Style: gas-mechanicalType: SwitcherWheel Arrangement: B
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: Pressure/Power:
Valve Gear/Transmission: TransmissionDriver Size: Cylinder Bore:
Weight: Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:

This locomotive is gasoline-mechanical rather than diesel, like the others. It was likely part of the same purchace that brought M-4 to the property. It has a rare Climax stright six gasoline engine.

It has not run since coming to the EBT and had been stored its entire stay at the EBT in the Locomotive Shop since arriving. The windows are broken, the raiator is out and carbody is rusty. s/n 2833 model JLC w/ Climax engine 14 tons blt 3/1928 Grant Smith & Co. (Edgar, Montana) A construction company that owked on varous contracts throughought the northwest US and British Columbia. to Charles Warner Co. (Wilmington, DE) An trnasportation comany based in Wilmington DE, operator sloops and later bardges and tugs on the Deleware and Schuylkill rivers. Starting in 1794 under John and William Warner the company operated until at least 1932 Climax Engine Manufacturing Co. Climax Engine Company of Clinton, Iowa was also taken over by Waukesha in the mid-1950's, engine line, plant, and all. Some engine models were produced for a few years and then the V8 and VI2 models were redesigned from the cylinder heads up and emerged as Waukesha engines. All engine production at the Clinton plant was known as Waukesha engines until it shut down. For a while a line of two-cycle diesels were sold as Waukesha Cerlist and were sold for military use.1 In 1973, Arrow purchased the Climax engine line from Waukesha, primarily to get the patterns for its aftermarket parts business. However, during the subsequent "boom days" in the patch, the demand for pumping engines was so great that Arrow reintroduced complete new Climax engines to the market. 2 Not sure if it went to EBT directly after that or if there was another owner. 1 - http://www.gasenginemagazine.com/complete-archive/2859/ 2 - http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FZX/is_8_69/ai_107276558

In April of 2020 the Plymouth was moved to the RTY Car Barn 1 to free up indoor space at teh EBT Shops and remains there as of this writing.

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