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Number: 15
Name: none
Date Built: 2/1914Date Purchased: 1914Date Sold: none
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition: Serviceable
Builder: BaldwinModel: Serial Number: 41196
Style: coal fired steamType: MikadoWheel Arrangement: 2-8-2
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 27,600Pressure/Power: 180 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: WalshaertsDriver Size: 48"Cylinder Bore: 19X24
Weight: 150,150Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight: 125,700
Grate: Fuel Capy.: 18,000Water Capy.: 6,000

#15 was ordered as a duplicate of #14, though there were minor differneces. The additonal traffic from the non R&&C mine at Jacobs on the Rocky Ridge Branch was a motivator for her purchase. She is most distinguishable from sister #14 by the final on her headlight from the days of kerosene headlamps. #14 had hers removed. Like #12 and #14, #15 ha swaure slid valves above her pistins whil #16-#18 have round piston valves.

#15 worked pretty much up til the closeing in 1956. She and #12 were the first to be restarted in 1960. In the 1960 excursion season, she at first pulled trains back to Rockhill after #12 pulled them out. Later in the seaon they were switched as #12's smaller water tank required more frequest visits to the water column. She worked most every season from 1960 to 2002, Besides some fire grate problems in the early 1980's she was been "old reliable". General Manager Stanley Hall refered to her as the 'lazy engine' because, according to him, she lets the other loco in doubleheaders do more work, but maybe she deserves it. She and #14 were the primary excursion locos during the 1990s.

Prior to 2002 the EBT fell under the Pennsylvania State Boiler Code. In 2002 with the Federal Railroad Administration ascerting its boiler regulations on the EBT, #15 was deactvated for Form 4 certification under the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 Part 240. Her repairs and inspection took until 2005 whe she returned to operation, during which time #14 was the only operating EBT steam locomotive, operating under a waiver from teh FRA until #15 was completed. At the 2005 Fall Spectacular #14 and #15 operated together, the last time (as of 2021) that more than one EBT steam locomotive has operated together since 2001.

With the 2006 season, #15 became the only operating steam locomotive and remained so until the end of tourist opertaion in December 2011. About 2009 it was found that #15's trailing truck was severely worn. #14's truck was removed to place on #15, but it was found to be almost as worn out. One of the trucks was shipped to the Strasburg Railrod for repairs, but needing a complete rebuild, the cost was beyond available resources. #14's truck was instlaled under #15 and #14's under #5 and as of 2021, they remain switched.

With the end of operations, #15 was not operted starting in 2012. However needed inspections and paperwork were kept up so that it could be returned to service if needed. In fall of 2020, the 15 year limit on her Part 240 inspection expired with 15 years passed (the inspection is good for 15 years or 1472 operating days, whichever comes first.)

With the purchase of the EBT in 2020 by the EBT Foundation, all the Mikados were evaluated as to which were the best candidates for return to service. On March 10 2929 #15 was steam cleaned for her inspection. #15's sister #14 was selected for rebuild along with #16.

As of 2021, #15 is in storage in the roundhouse and will most likely will be the next Locomovie to be disassenbled for rebuild after #16 is completed (anticipated in winter 2021/2022.) #14 is taking longer than expected, so #15 could be completed first.

#15 is clearly discernable as the only one of the six mikados that retains the kerosene chimney on its headlight after its conversion to and electric illumination.

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