EBT Locomotive Roster
7 , 'Aughwick'

Number: 7
Name: Aughwick
Date Built: 6/1881Date Purchased: 1881Date Sold: 1913
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition: Scrapped 1931
Builder: BaldwinModel: 'C-19'Serial Number: 5677
Style: coal fired steamType: ConsolidationWheel Arrangement: 2-8-0
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 18,900Pressure/Power: 160 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: StevensonDriver Size: 37"Cylinder Bore: 16X20
Weight: 68,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:
Published Photos: EBT 45, 82, 215

#7 was built to the same plans as the D&RG class 70 (C-19) and was generally unlike any other EBT locomotive. She was the only member of the larger consolidation class on the road, being 16,000 lbs. heavier than the first batch of consolidations.

Like #4, #7 had more that it's share of bac luck. In Jyly 1887, whe and #8 had a head-on collision at Cooks. #7 was burned in a September 8, 1908 in a shops fire that consumed the Boiler and Paint Shops. She was reparied after the fire and continued in service many more years . At some point prior to her departure from the EBT she was refitted, removing the crosshead water pump and moving the connecting rod from the second to the third set of drivers. Although #7 was the most powerful locomotive on the line in terms pf tractive effort until the arrival of #12, that was largely due to her small drivers when compared to other EBT locos of similar weight. This made her relatively slow and her high TE relative to weight made her proned to slipping.

#7 was rendered surplus by the new Mikados 12 and 14 and the Prarie 11, and was sold to the Ohio River and Western (controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad) for the amout of $6,019. It served there as #9669 until the road folded in 1931, pulling the last run on the line. Three nearly identical D&RG C-19 locomotives survive, two at Knott's Berry Farm in California and one at the Colorado Railroad Museum.

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