EBT Locomotive Roster
4 , 'Cromwell'

Number: 4
Name: Cromwell
Date Built: 5/1874Date Purchased: 1874Date Sold: 1894
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition:
Builder: BaldwinModel: 10-22-ESerial Number: 3578
Style: coal fired steamType: ConsolidationWheel Arrangement: 2-8-0
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 9,600Pressure/Power: ?145 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: StevensonDriver Size: 40.25"Cylinder Bore: 14X16
Weight: 52,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:
Published Photos: EBT 35

After having been impressed by the performance of #3, the EBT ordered two more, #4 and #5 of identical design in March 1874. One known exception to the design copy is that #4 appears to have had a straight stack early in it's carier and may have been delivered with one.

#4 was known as the 'junx' engine of the early EBT. In September 1874, after only four days of operations she was the first locomotive to be wrecked, having derailed on spikes placed on the rail by two young boys. June 1 the following year, she was again derailed by vandals and fell down an embankment. She was damaged badly enough to have to be returned to Baldwin for repairs. This may have been when she received her straight stack. June 17 1879 a plug in the firebox blew out scalding the fireman, leading to his death.

#4 was retired in 1894, her disposition not known. She was likely scrapped.

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