EBT Locomotive Roster
3 , 'Rockhill'

Number: 3
Name: Rockhill
Date Built: 10/1873Date Purchased: 1873Date Sold: 1911
Line Built for: Denver and Rio GrandeDisposition: Scrapped 1917
Builder: BaldwinModel: 10-22-ESerial Number: 3475
Style: coal fired steamType: ConsolidationWheel Arrangement: 2-8-0
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 9,600Pressure/Power: ?145 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: StevensonDriver Size: 40.25"Cylinder Bore: 14X16
Weight: 52,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:
Published Photos: EBT 35, 54, 215

#3 was originally built and even lettered for the Denver and Rio Grande as their #13 'Moscao', but was rejected by the road for unknown reasons. She was the first narrow gauge consolidation built in the US. The were slightly larger than the Clas 56 consolidations the D&RG bought in 1878 and smaller than the Class 60 (C-16) the Rio Grande would eventually own.

Arriving at the EBT in November 1873, #3 inpressed the railrod as it was much larger than Moguls #1 and #2. The EBT it enough to order two more, #4 and #5 of identical design. As built for the D&RG and like #1 and #2, the locomotive had a short smokebox, diamond stack and cantilevered square kerosene headlight, which it likely retained during its early years on the EBT. Also like the earlier power it had a crosshead feedwater pump, except that it was outside the crosshead. Unlike the early Moguls, #3 had a four axle tender and single steam dome.

#3 was reboilered in 1891. Sometine prior to 1906, and likely at the same time as she was reboilered, the locomotive received new, higher running boards, a straight stack, extended smokebox and round kersene headlight. By 1896, #3 had relinquished the name 'Rockhill' to the new Mogul second #5.

She was finally rendered suplus by the Mikado 12 and Prarie 11 and was sold to the nearby Tuscarora Valley Railroad. She worked there until being scrapped in 1917.

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