EBT Locomotive Roster
2 , 'R D Wood'

Number: 2
Name: R D Wood
Date Built: 5/1873Date Purchased: 1873Date Sold: 1890
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition:
Builder: BaldwinModel: Serial Number: 3251
Style: coal fired steamType: MogulWheel Arrangement: 2-6-0
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 5,000Pressure/Power: 110 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: StevensonDriver Size: 36"Cylinder Bore: 11X16
Weight: 30,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.: 1,000

First #2 was ordered new by the EBT in August 1872 from Baldwin to accompany the identical #1 built originally for the Cairo and Saint Louis. #2 served along with sister #1 after their delivery in June 1872 to operate the trains of building materials as the EBT's construction pushed up the mountain from Rockhill Furnace. No photos of #2 are known to have survived, but she was generally identical to #1 but had a much shorter life on the EBT. Unlike #1, #2 was delivered with a four axle (two truck) tender, but was soon converted to the same three axle arrangement. Relatively underpowered compared to all later power, #1 and #2 spent most of their lives in passenger or shifter service.

#2 was sold off in 1890 and went to a logging operation in West Virginia. The locomotive served other subsequent roads until 1911, after which nothing more is known about her.(1)

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