EBT Passenger Cars #18 and #29 in Colorado

© 2000 Christopher D Coleman. Reproduction prohibited without express permission. Pictures taken August, 2000 using Kodachroome 64 in a Minolta Maxxum 7xi. Images were scanned directly from the Kodalux developed slides. Comments by Chris Coleman.

EBT combine #18 was sold by the EBT in 1954 to the Northwoods Railroad, a planned tourist operation in Michigan that never went into operation. #29 was similarly sold to the Northwoods in 1956. After years of inactivity both were subsequently sold at auction, along with the rest of the Northwoods collection. Both cars were purchased by Don Drawer for use on his planned Sundown and Southern Railroad and were moved to Colorado.

For more infomation on these cars, see the Colorado EBT Passenger Cars for Sale news item.


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photo Baggage-Express #29 from the northwest.

photo Baggage-Express #29 from the northeast.

photo Baggage-Express #29 from the southeast.

photo Baggage-Express #29 from the southwest.

photo #29 end sill and truck brake beam.

photo #29 underside with truss rods, side, intermediate and center sills, needle beams, queen posts and brake reservoir.

photo East side of #29's north truck. The trucks are complete and appear to be solid.


photo Combine #18 from the northeast.

photo North side of #18's east truck.

photo Combine #18's interior. Note the air pressure gauge still intact like those in the EBT's cabooses.

photo South side of #18's east truck. The sideing and side sill are the worst here of either car.

photo The underside of #18 showing the center bearing, truck and car bolsters brake gear.

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