East Broad Top 2003 Night Photo Session

NOTE: The photo session is NOT organized by the EBT. Do not contact the EBT for info. Use the contact info below.

During the night photo session several large strobe packs are used to light up the eauipment and buildings at the East Broad Top's Fall Spectacular (currently called the "Fall Event") for photographers during long exposures. This is a unique opportunity to take photos like no other of America's oldest narrow gauge.

The 2003 Night Photo Session is tenatively scheduled after the night train (about 8:00) Saturday evening at the 2003 EBT Fall Event, October 11, 2003. Only 35 slots are available for photographers. You MUST have:

A small flashlight and appropriate clothing are recommended. It has rained at some past photo sessions.

Several large strobe packs are used to light up the subject for photographers during long exposures. There are usually about three to four setups with two to four exposures per setup. The EBT positions the equipment specifically for the setups.

All funds go to the EBT or toward crew tips for EBT employees. If all slots sell, $1000 will go to the EBT and $225 to crew tips for their work above and beyond the call of duty.


Owing to the uncertain nature of whether the 2002 Fall Spectacular (a.k.a. the "Fall Event") would occur, no photo session was held that year. The viability of future sessions, especially in 2003, will depend on COMMITMENTS from photographers to attend (or at least pay for a slot in) the session.

If you are interested in the 2003 session, please e-mail the webmaster.

Express a commitment to attend the 2003 EBT Night Photo Session

Ask a question about the 2003 EBT Night Photo Session

Tentative cost of the event is $35. Do NOT send a check to now.

If there are sufficient commitments (25-30) and the photo session is a go, I will notify all those who expressed interest and ask them to send a check.

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