EBT Herald East Broad Top Railroad Skins

On this page you will find a selection of application skins featuring East Broad Top Railroad themes.

WinAmp Skins

WinAmp is a player for most popular formats of audio files. It was originally for MP3 (Mpeg 1 layer 3) audio files, but it also makes a great CD player controller and plays .wav files. WinAmp can be downloaded from their website http://www.winamp.com/.

To install a skin on WinAmp, download the file and save it into the Skins folder under the folder into which you installed WinAmp. From WinAmp hit <Alt>-S and choose the skin you wish to use. This does not always work on older versions of WinAmp.

EastyAmp - No. 18

East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company
EastyAmp - No. 18
WinAmp Skin 1
Version 1.1 - first release
Released 06/07/01
By Christopher D. Coleman

This photo was taken during the EBT's 1999 Fall Spectacular, at which #18 was brought out for display.


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