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Ever had an idea for a 'better' paint scheme for EBT's gas and diesel equipment? Well this is the place to have a bit of fun creating your own paint scheme. We're starting out with the M-7, the latest addition to the EBT stable.

This is the M-7 as she came out of the Railways to Yesterday painting session. A crisp and lively scheme, but its appropriateness to the EBT has been questioned.

Basing a scheme on the leader of the pack, M-1, here is a very traditional and simple scheme for the M-7.

Livening it up just a bit using elements of the RTY scheme on the M-1 basics gives this result.

To be truely conservative, this scheme has been patterned after the excursion era steam locomotives. A bit drab but catchy in the right places.

Taking a cue from big brother Pennsy and their 'motor' scheme, this is the GG-1 inspired M-7.

A submission from Vagel Keller: "Here's my visual opinion, including 'Radio Equipped' decal."

Have your own idea for an M-7 scheme, copy the above 'blank slate' and draw away. Use your own discretion and submit your scheme in non-transparent (gif-87) .gif format. Mail it using Mime, UU or BinHex encoding.

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