EBT Herald East Broad Top Railroad - MSEBT [Ping!]

What would the East Broad Top experience be like if the EBT were another fine product of the Microsoft Corporation? Here's one idea.

In the roundhouse, the bruised and scratched loco is being hostled. Our intrepid engineer, Tom, tosses a flaming rag in the firebox to start the fire and it instantly goes out.

Ping! ... MSEBT has detected that MS Loco 1918 was not properly shut down last time. MSEBT must scan MS Loco for any problems.

Click [yes].

Ping! ... MSEBT has detected a scratch on the air pump. Allow MSEBT to repair the air pump now?

Click [yes].

Ping! ... MSEBT was unable to repair the air pump. It has been disassembled and placed in the tender.

Ping! ... MSEBT has detected 16 ounces of scale in the boiler. Allow MSEBT to remove the scale?

Click [yes].

Ping! ... MSEBT was unable to remove the scale from the boiler. Please remove the scale manually, then restart MS Loco.

Three hours and a boiler-full of water later Tom throws another burning rag into the firebox.

Ping! ... MSEBT has detected LocoWater in MS Loco 1918. MSEBT cannot identify LocoWater. Please insert the chemical analysis for LocoWater.

Tom clears the error, knowing full well that MSEBT does not really need the chemical formula for LocoWater to function properly. Ready to stoke the fire now he tries to open the firebox door again.

Ping! ... This part of MS Loco contains parts important to the operating system. Do you really want to open?

Click [yes].

One shovelfull of coal goes in, then promptly comes right back out.

Ping! ... MSEBT has detected IndianaCoal 2001. This system is not compatible with IndianaCoal 2001. Either update to MS Loco 1996 or use BroadTopCoal 1969 or lower.

Would you like to order MS Loco 1996 now?

Click [no].

Would you like to order BroadTopCoal 1969 now?

Click [yes].

Ping! ... BroadTopCoal is no longer available. Please use the new product, IndianaCoal 2001.


MS Loco is now starting...

Ping! ... MSEBT is not connected to the RailNetwork. Would you like to connect with the RailNetwork now? You can connect now using MSS (Micro-Soft Switch), the fastest and easiest way to connect to the RailNetwork. It's free for the first 10 carloads.

Click [no].

Tom begins oiling around MS Loco 1918.

Ping! ... It is recommended that you allow MSEBT to automatically manage oiling. Are you sure you want to oil manually?

Click [yes].

Tom backs MS Loco onto the turntable. A crew of three are trying to move the turntable but although they are pushing it very fast, it isn't actually going anywhere. Tom slides a tiny lever under the cab floorboards. Upon the next push the turntable swings around violently with the slightest tap. The crew is unable to grip it without it flying out of their hands. A dizzy Tom taps the little lever back near its original position. With some grunting, the crew is able to swing around MS Loco 180 degrees and into alignment. Tom, still dizzy, carefully backs MS Loco over the AshPit applet.

Ping! ... Are you sure you wish to empty AshPan now? Any ash currently in AshPan will be unrecoverable.

Click [yes].

About two pounds of the sixty or so pounds of ash falls into AshPit. Tom violently shakes the grates but no more ash will come out. He begins using the water hose.

Ping! ... Are you sure you wish to remove this ash. MS Loco may need the ash in the future?

Click [yes].

Later, at Orbisonia Station...

Ping! ... You cannot attach that car because it is using MS Coupler 1945 and MSEBT version requires MS Coupler 1953 or higher.

Ping! ... You cannot uncouple ExplorerCar, it is an integrated product with MSEBT.

Suddenly all the fittings on the locomotive backhead disappear. Tom taps the throttle slightly and they all reappear, outlines first, one at a time. "Damn sheet saver!"

On the way up to McMullins Summit...

Ping! ... Are you sure you wish to activate injector? Boiler temperature may become inconsistent as a result.

Click [yes].

Ping! ... Your locomotive is running low on virtual coal. You should reduce the number of cars on your train.

Click [ok].

Ping! ... An error has occurred in your brake application. You should restart MS Train from Orbisonia Station and try your brake application again.


Later, at Colgate Grove...

Ping! ... Are you sure you wish to stop MS Loco 1918? All cars will be uncoupled and boiler draine...





The next day in the roundhouse, the bruised and scratched loco is being hostled....

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